A dynamic talent agency for the entertainment industries.


I AM EPIC is an agency offering representation for established and emerging actors in TV, Film Theatre and Advertising industries in the UK and Worldwide.

The agency strives to be a prominent leading force in entertainment recruitment supplying clients with trained, prepared and professional artists. Clients we work with are available by clicking on the News tab.

I AM EPIC represents Actors and Musical Theatre artists who consistently demonstrate a sound technique, vision, reliability, professionalism, loyalty, determination and commitment.

The I AM EPIC collective have 28 years professional experience in performing, teaching, management and recruitment.

The agency has global reach and can find clients work internationally using the company’s experienced agents and industry expertise to advance their careers.

I AM EPIC Agents is a boutique firm that finds faces and roles for multiple exposures. We take great time and care with and for our clients for rising and developing Artists.

An agent brings a second pair of eyes and ears to the competitive world of acting. Choosing which auditions to attend and knowing a director’s preferences can substantially increase the chances of landing good roles.

Researching directors often requires more investigation than preparing for audition. Agents keep informed about everything in the industry, making auditioning chores much easier. Agency representation provides the following benefits.

  • Agents act on behalf of the clients they handle.
  • An agent can book an assignment.
  • Agents negotiate contracts, handling business matters.
  • Agents collect and remit money efficiently because their own payment depends on their success.



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Audition Overview

Whether you are a tripple whammy performer or exude talent in just Acting our agency represents EPIC talent – In doing so, we create and deliver your portfolio straight to the casting agents for performing opportunities in Theatre, TV, Film and Advertising.

Every artist wishing to join I AM EPIC agency will have to undertake an audition/interview for our consideration.

You are asked to register your place via the CONTACT US section clearly stating your age, with your profiles links (Spotlight, Casting Call Pro etc) and experience.

The age ranges for auditions are below:

18-100 Professionals (who ideally have undertaken and completed training in their field)

If you are successful and accepted onto our books you will be informed within 7 days of your audition and thereafter receive relevant paperwork for you to complete and return.

I AM EPIC can formulate and provide consultancy for any marketing enhancers to aid and maximizing your opportunities within this profession. Full details will be available to successful artists.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for choosing ‘I AM EPIC’ the agency that represents EPIC talent.

Next Audition Dates

I AM EPIC Agents are ALWAYS recruiting for Professional Actors and Musical Theatre performers.

Please use the contact form to get in touch, including your spotlight number and or other links of your work.




Professional performers would ideally be a graduate of an Acting and/or Musical Theatre institution. Please inform us in the initial CONTACT message whether you are solely an Actor OR if you are a Musical Theatre performer as this will determine your attendance for either just the morning (Actors) or all day (Actors, Singers and Dancers)

We understand that if you are a Musical Theatre Performer you may excel in just one of the disciplines or indeed all three, in any circumstance we need to assess all three areas so we are in an ideal position to put you forward for suitable castings.

If you are apprehensive about dancing for example, please state that on initial message to us so we can make a note.

SOLE ACTORS: Must prepare one monologue of your choice


TWO CONTRASTING SONGS with sheet music in correct key (One Musical theatre, one Contemporary Pop/Rock etc)
be prepared to dance in afternoon.

All 21+ pro artists must bring current CV and headshot on the day.
If you have a Spotlight/Website link it would be beneficial to paste this in the initial message.
This will not be an open call and therefore prior registration is essential.



Comfortable yet presentable dance/casual wear – no jeans or skirts as this will restrict movement. You may want to think twice about wearing white clothing as there may be floor work.


Registering your place is imperative please check through all audition notes and contact us via the message box. If unable to attend once you have registered please notify us ASAP so we can fill your place 0870 I AM EPIC (0870 4‐26‐3742) Please note the audition may be recorded/photographed for our consideration.

If successful at the audition you will be notified by the following week


CV // Head shot // Sheet Music // Dance CD/IPOD or Smartphone (if applicable)


EPIC Artist Ryan Mockridge starts his contract in the stunning county of Devon for Multiple award-winning, family run Beverley Holidays. Where happy holiday memories are made.

EPIC Artist Dawn Funnell recently worked on a film for UK communications provider, produced by Habit Creative. News to follow soon.

I AM EPIC Agents are seeking Professional Artists (Actors & Performers) to join our books on an Exclusive basis. Get in touch by sending your ‘Spotlight’ profile via our contacts page.  

Hey Wiseguys EPIC Artist Marco Torrens is currently filming for World Media Rights on a new Mafia Documentary. More details to follow soon Capeesh?

EPIC Artist Jason Lines recently worked with Woodcut Media on a new 20 part series to be shown on Sky Channel Pick TV. More gruesome details to follow soon

Our EPIC Artist Luke Seddon is on tour in Italy working for Smile Theatre. We wish Luke all the very best overseas.

EPIC Artist @Ianrenshawactor featuring in S3EP1 of @TheRoyalsOnE Watch here http://www.eonline.com/now/the-royals 

EPIC wishes this festive season to our EPIC Artist Jonathan Gilmour who is spreading xmas cheer as Santa for events up in the North of England

All the best to our EPIC Artist Daniel Gilvargas who is off sailing the seven seas again with Carnival Cruise

EPIC Artist Ian Renshaw starts rehearsals with The Guildford Fringe this week on Adult Panto ‘Robin’s Wood’ Tickets and info can be found here.http://guildfordfringe.com/the-adult-panto-2016/ We wish Ian all the very best.

EPIC Artist Robert Browning started rehearsals for Cinderella this week. We wish Robert all the best on tour




0870 I AM EPIC

0870 4-26-3742

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