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EPIC wishes to Alasdair Baker who is set to return next week, to the stunning ‘Buxton Opera House’ in Dick Whittington playing the role of ‘Alderman Fitzwarren’ Get your tickets here


Hoping to find fame and fortune in London, our young hero Dick Whittington makes his way down Ye Olde M1 with nothing but a sandwich and a can-do attitude; but he’s out of luck until he meets a friendly cat with a knack for catching rats. As his cat gets to work ridding the city of its furry pests, it seems Dick’s dream will come true. Little does he know the scary King Rat – a nasty geezer with an army of rodents at his command – is getting ready to pounce.

Dick Whittington is one of the nation’s best-loved rags-to-riches stories. Buxton’s favorite Dame, James Holmes (‘Clive’ from the hit comedy series Miranda) returns as Dame Sarah the Cook, while Gabrielle Green (‘Katrina’ from CBBC’s Wolfblood) is the lovely Alice Fitzwarren.