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We are proud to announce that Scott at I AM EPIC Agents was recently made a ‘Fellow’ at The Royal Society of Arts

Past and present fellows were/are achievers or influencers contributing to social challenges within the arts, manufactures and commerce and also of the need to alleviate poverty and secure full employment.

As you know Scott is committed to representing and seeking employment for 70+ actors within the TV/Film/Theatre industry and has been recognized for finding innovative practical solutions to today’s social challenges.

Fellows can be nominated from all walks of life but most notable fellows were/are Charles Dickens, Benjamin Franklin, Karl Marx, Richard Attenborough, Stephen Hawking … and of course James Barry – Scott’s ancestor, the famous Irish painter who created a six-part series of paintings entitled The Progress of Human Culture and Knowledge in the Great Room of the Royal Society of Arts. (If you haven’t seen James Barry’s works you should go see that one … it is HUGE!)


Congratulations Scott